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Zen Water System
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Zen Water Filter System mimics Mother Nature's mineral spring effect by transforming ordinary tap water into pure, healthy, and great-tasting drinking water just like Mother Nature intended.

The Concept Behind Zen Water

Have you ever wondered why water from a mountain spring, river, or lake is so fresh, crisp, and delicious?

At Zen Water, they combine nature and technology, and use Mother Nature's brilliant water filtration process to create the purest and healthiest drinking water available.

The process by which Mother Nature purifies water by means of rain or snow that falls into the earth is lengthy and tedious. Whenever it rains or snows, water seeps into the earth's layers of natural rock and soil. The water is then slowly filtered and then infused with a balanced dose of minerals which increases its health benefits, and in some places, the water even has alkaline properties.

Water of this type resurfaces in a mountain spring, river or lake and tastes fresh, crisp and delicious.

Zen Water Purification & Filtration System is based on this concept.

In The Interest Of Our Health & The Health Of Our Earth

Zen Water eliminates the need to use and discard plastic bottles that degrade and clog the earth with toxic and dangerous levels of plastic. We throw away millions of plastic bottles in a single year, and our earth is under serious threat from these bottles.

Take advantage of Zen to help keep healthy and leave a good world for your kids. After all, you owe it to them to give them the best.

Our Verdict On Zen Water System

  • We noted a trend where alkaline water machine owners and other alkaline water enthusiasts talk about Zen water as being among the best they've tasted. This stands out as a major highlight.
  • Their parts are BPA-Free.
  • We really love the ceramic pre-filter and the multi-stage filtration. With the small pore size of the ceramic filter and the power of silver-impregnated activated carbon and ion-exchange resin in the multi-stage filter, this system has been proven to remove the majority of most common water contaminants.
  • To boost the pH of filtered tap water, Far Infrared balls and Maifan mineral stones are the best choices.
  • The Zen system is more convenient than alkaline water filter pitchers because the filtered water supply tank is so large. The Zen system is ideal if you plan on cooking with alkaline water (which we recommend) or you have a large family with pets.
  • Compared to the premium Nikken PiMag waterfall system, the Zen water filter is the most affordable alkaline countertop system.

15% Off  Zen Water System Coupon, Promo Code + Free Shipping
15% Off Zen Water System Coupon, Promo Code + Free Shipping

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