BioLife Plasma Review

BioLife Plasma is an affiliate of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. The company receives plasma donations and uses them for plasma-based therapeutic processes.

One of the many important parts of treatment for diseases like hemophilia and immune deficiency is plasma. Donating plasma is a noble act and if accompanied with receiving bonus money then why not take advantage of this noble cause?

Those who save lives can be rewarded too. We have available the latest and current BioLife promo codes. With these codes you can receive compensations of up to $300, $350, $500 or even $700 for new BioLife donors.

$300 BioLife Coupon Code

Bio Plasma offers its donors a total $300 in refunds on their first five donations. After the first donation, the donor gets a $60 refund, the second $50 and third, the person gets $50. On the fourth and fifth donation, the donor gets $60 and $80 respectively. making a total of $300

In order to receive this offer, users must enter the code ‘DONOR300’. You can also apply the code ‘CRAIGSLIST300‘ in their BioLife to redeem the offer.

$350 BioLife Refund Offer

Donors of Bio Plasma receive a combined $350 grant on their first five donations. The donor receives $60 on their first donation, $80 on their second, $60 on their third, and $70 on their fourth and fifth donations.

$300 $350 $500 BioLife Plasma Coupon
Donors simply need to enter the promo code ‘BIOLIFE350’ beforehand and they will receive the offer. This offer can also be accessed through the mobile app.

$500 BioLife Redeemable Coupon

You can redeem a $500 coupon from Bio Plasma after making 8 donations consecutively within 30 days after the first donation has been made.

After the first two times donors donate they get two separate payments of $70 as compensation and the third, fourth, and fifth time they get grants of $50, $60, and $80 respectively.

Upon making their sixth, seventh and eighth donation, they receive a $50, $60, and $60 grant, respectively. However, customers must present the coupon before making their first donation.

BioLife Mobile App Promotion Offer

All donors can win up to $25 through Bio Plasma's interactive app by scheduling donation appointments using the app. Donors just need to download the app and register themselves as new or returning donors then schedule donation appointments using the app for a chance to win. There will be 10 winners per Bio Plasma Center.

BioLife Plasma – A Bliss Coupon Review

In the field of plasma therapies, BioLifePlasma is one of the leading biotechnology companies. Their numerous plasma centers in the USA and Austria provide high quality plasma therapies.

BioLife, a member of the leading global biotech company, SHPG-NASDAQ (Shire), has pledged to protect the safety of as many recipients of plasma therapies as possible.

BioLife began with a vision of providing quality care to people suffering from rare conditions. People with rare disease often go undiagnosed or misunderstood.

$300 $350 $500 BioLife Plasma Coupon

BioLife has worked to bridge the gap by providing relief for people suffering from rare and life-threatening diseases.

BioLife offers life-changing treatments to millions of patients in need of specialized assistance in cases of rare diseases around the globe. With BioLife's help, people of such backgrounds have been able to live a greater quality of life. You too can help save lives by donating and using these BioLife coupons and promo codes. What's more, they are rewarding!

BioLife Plasma provides the following services.

  • Besides its core donor and patient functions, BioLife extends its services into such health areas as severe skin burns, hemophilia, immunity disorders, and other such rare health conditions. They also provide health and nutrition tips and assistance.
  • The company offers a BioLife Debit Card that functions as an incentive at BioLife to reward plasma donors. With this card, you can withdraw money from any ATM with a matching logo (Visa or MasterCard). The first transaction within the BioLife Network is free of charge.
  • BioLife provides supervised playrooms for kids in order to make sure you can donate peacefully without having to worry about what your kids are doing at home.
  • Dedicated playroom attendants ensure that your kids are fully absorbed in activities while you donate blood plasma. They have specially planned fun and interactive activities for each age group of children. All this in a perfectly clean and sanitized environment.
  • Do not take your child along if he or she has a communicable disease to the BioLife donation center. Due to fear of contamination, BioLife does not allow carrying food or drink into the premises. If your child has to wear diapers, please bring an extra set for change.
  • You can bring kids between the ages of 6 months to 12 years to the BioLife playrooms for donation. While you make a donation, your kids can play under the supervision of attendants. At BioLife playrooms children can enjoy coloring, games, reading, movies, crafts, and toys for every age group. You will be required to sign up for each child individually.
$300 $350 $500 BioLife Plasma Coupon

BioLife Plasma: How Does It Work?

BioLife operates on an easy to comprehend the mechanism of donating blood plasma. Blood plasma is crucial to saving lives in several conditions without artificial preparation. To bridge this gap, BioLife provides compensation to donors in lieu of blood plasma donations.

Interesting Facts About Blood and BioLife

  • A human body contains about 12 pints of blood. Blood plasma is a pale yellow liquid that is mainly made up of proteins and water. Blood plasma plays a crucial role in controlling bleeding and thwarting infection.
  • Millions of patients across the globe have benefited from life-saving therapies made possible by BioLife's process of using plasma in a vast array of applications.
  • These plasma-centric therapies are crucial in treating life-threatening illnesses, including hemophilia, the treatment of burns, deep shocks, immunity disorders, immune system deficiency, etc. Getting blood plasma from healthy individuals is the only way to get blood plasma at BioLife since it can never be produced in laboratories.
  • You can donate blood plasma anywhere from Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Utah, North Dakota, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota, Michigan, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, and Florida.

Their vision is to become the world's leading plasma supplier. They motivate and reward each one of their donors via a rewards and compensations program. They value each employee and their contribution. All processes at BioLife are efficient, reliable and innovative.

$300 $350 $500 BioLife Plasma Coupon


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