Restrict Content Pro Review

restrict content pro coupon promo code review
Restrict Content Pro Review
Restrict Content Pro Review
Integration with multiple payment platforms.
Granular control over members, memberships and content.
Detailed reporting function.
Excellent support from developers and community.
Works with WooCommerce and other third party plugins.

WordPress membership programs are one of the best ways to monetize your site.

The WordPress plugin RCP, or Restrict Content Pro, allows anyone to set up fully functional membership sites.

Essentially, RCP supports setting up a membership, but you can go even further by adding developer features and pro-level addons. This WordPress plugin enables anyone to set up a fully functional membership site.

You get API integration for payment, different membership tiers, a simple management panel, content timeouts, and much more. The basics are included in the package and more advanced tools are available as add-ons.

What's Restrict Content Pro?

The Restrict Content Pro plugin is a comprehensive plugin for websites that provide the capability to reword and restrict content to only paid members. Its features include support for multiple payment gateways, subscription options, and reporting tools. It is available free of charge but offers a pro version starting at $99 annually.

It's an established method for offering premium content to those who can afford to pay. It keeps the lights on for writers, publishers, musicians, videographers and anyone else who makes media worth paying for.

Bloggers, writers and content creators are rarely compensated for their work. Restrict Content Pro is the chance to change that. Install it onto your website, create a membership tier, set up a subscription, and you're suddenly a publisher. The plugin by itself won’t make you a millionaire. It is meant to be combined with great content, constant development, and support. It gives you the power to make your own fate.

Features Of Restrict Content Pro

A key strength of Restrict Content Pro is its ability to be both lightweight and feature-rich at the same time. For a basic membership site, you simply need to install the plugin, set up a couple of membership tiers, integrate payment, sort all your content accordingly, and launch.

Features include:

  • Flexible discount codes
  • Built-in integrations to several 3rd party payment gateways
  • Unlimited subscription packages
  • Solid reporting options
  • Export of data
  • Email integration
  • Extensive help and documentation
  • Members mangement
  • … and much more

Restrict Content Pro Integrations

Besides being a fully-featured WordPress plugin, Restrict Content Pro also plays nice with other plugins and themes, such as Divi. This plugin functions with WooCommerce so it opens a whole new revenue stream for users. It also supports multiple payment gateways, works with all WordPress plugins and does not seem to cause any issues running with unrelated plugins.

Most of the advanced features of Restrict Content Pro are accessed through plugins. The core product has basic addons including:

  • MailChimp,
  • WP Job Manager,
  • EDD Member Downloads,
  • EDD FES Vendor Limits,
  • EDD Wallet,
  • Limited Quantity Available,
  • Download Monitor,
  • Campaign Monitor,
  • MailPoet,
  • bbPress,
  • CSV User Import and
  • Enforce Strong Passwords.
  • and much more…

Restricting Access to Content with Restrict Content Pro

You'll see a ‘Restrict this Content' option now under each post, page, and custom post type once Restrict Content Pro is activated. The free version works the same way. On the other hand, the pro version gives you more control over who can view restricted content.

Restricting Access To Content With Restrict Content Pro
Member Access Options

The content can be restricted to members who have purchased a specific membership, users with sufficient access, or members with a specific role.

You can also restrict content partially, and you can show users an excerpt of it so they can get a sense of what a full-paying member sees.

Restrict Content Pro Restrict This Content
Restricting A Post

You can apply these member access options to custom post types as well. If you want, you can restrict access to specific posts, certain pages, or even custom post types like portfolios.

Restrict Content Pro Restrict All Posts
Restricting A Post

It is also possible to restrict entire categories and tags to paying members. It is simply a matter of defining the access level required to view the content

Restrict Content Pro Category Restriction
Restrict Optiona

Restrict Content Pro allows you to restrict which contents specific visitors can view on your website, as you can see from the above.

Membership management with Restrict Content Pro

In your WordPress admin area, the Restrict Content Pro settings are found under ‘Restrict’. It is here that you can add new members, check reports, and configure how the plugin works.

All members of your website are listed on the memberships page. It is possible to filter members based on their membership plan, and see which are active, expired, or deleted.

By clicking on a user, you will be taken to the member's details page. On this page, you will find information about the current status of a users membership, as well as when it started and when it was last billed.

This page allows you to change the status of a user's membership as well. It can be useful, for example, if you want to reward a long-term customer with a membership extension.

Restrict Content Pro Membership Details Page
Membership Details Page

All payments made will be listed here, and you can manually add any payments if required. Notes can be added at the bottom of the page as a reminder about a customer's membership. The reminder could state that the customer has been given a free membership in a competition, or a trial period has been extended.

In time, you and your colleagues will be able to recall key milestones regarding the customer's account as a result of these notes.

Restrict Content Pro Membership Payment Info
Member Payment Details

Whenever someone signs up for a membership, their information will appear on the customer's page.

Here, you can manually update their name and email address, as well as check whether they have read and agreed to any terms you requested.  You'll also find information on their memberships and payments and a notes section where you can add any additional details.

Restrict Content Pro Customer Details
Customer Details

Membership plans are created on the membership levels page, where you can create an unlimited number of plans.

Detailed information about a membership plan can be found here, including its name, description, duration, and price. Your plan may include an optional sign-up fee. You can give a discount on the first payment by making this negative. If you wish to reward people who renew their membership in subsequent years, you could charge a higher sign-up fee and a lower renewal fee.

Additionally, you can specify the user role a customer is assigned and what WordPress access level they are granted.

Restrict Content Pro Add New Level
Add New Plan

A discount code is an essential element for promoting your membership plans and rewarding loyal customers.

You can set the code for the discount and determine if it's a percentage or a set amount on the discounts page. You can set a minimum number of uses and a specific date by which a discount will expire. Discounts are generally limited to specific membership plans.

Restrict Content Pro Add New Discount
Adding New Discount

The payments page lists the payments that have been received. Any payment may be reviewed and edited, including the username, the payment date, the amount, and the status.

The page shows what membership the payment was made for and whether any discounts were applied to the payment.

Restrict Content Pro Edit Payment
Editing Payments

On the reports page, you can view your earnings, refunds,, and sign-ups; you can filter the data by month or membership level.

Restrict Content Pro Earnings Report
Earnings Report

All processes for creating memberships, validating payments, and updating customer information are easy. I recommend reading the documentation for Restrict Content Pro if you have any questions about the plugin.

The shortcodes page from the documentation area is a helpful bookmark since it contains all available shortcodes and demonstrates the use of each.

However, remembering these shortcodes isn't crucial because Restrict Content Pro will automatically generate all necessary pages, including registration, editing billing information, and editing profiles.

Restrict Content Pro Registration Form
Registration Page

Depending on the WordPress theme you're using, your forms and fields will look different. The example above illustrates how the form would appear using the default WordPress theme, Twenty Nineteen.

As of now, there is no styling manager or drag-and-drop visual builder to help you customize your forms. It would be great to see this feature included in the plugin in the future.

You might also want to check out the form builder from Figarts. For $29, this addon lets you add custom fields to forms using a drag-and-drop builder, and it's well worth checking out.

Restrict Content Pro Pricing

When purchasing Restrict Content Pro, buyers have four license options to choose from.

Because add-ons cannot be purchased separately, the decision of which license to buy is simpler than with an addon like Easy Digital Downloads, where you must weigh the cost of purchasing addons individually.

Restrict Content Pro's cheapest license is the personal plan, which retails for $129 per year(currently $91 when you use our link) and comes with 13 official add-ons. At $219(currently $154), the plus license offers the same functionality, but with support and updates for up to five websites.

Restrict Content Pro Pricing
Pricing Plans

Final Thoughts On Restrict Content Pro

This membership solution can be used to restrict content on your website in many different ways.

It offers great support for payment gateways, as well as a straightforward subscription system. Content-based membership websites can be created quickly and easily with this membership software.

9.2Expert Score

Restrict Content Pro offers great support for payment gateways, as well as a straightforward subscription system.

Ease Of Use
User Experience
  • Integration with multiple payment platforms.
  • Granular control over members, memberships and content.
  • Detailed reporting function.
  • Excellent support from developers and community.
  • Works with WooCommerce and other third party plugins.
  • Lacks Integrated Affiliate System
  • The cost is high, but so are the rewards – great things come with good investment
  • There are some core options that are usually premium, like the dripping of content.

Depending on your requirements, Restrict Content Pro may be the right solution for you. The plugin is a great solution, as it has many advanced membership options without overwhelming you with too many options. The result is a plugin that is versatile, yet easy to use.

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