TubeBuddy Review

Editor Choice tubebuddy review
TubeBuddy Review
TubeBuddy Review
It helps save so much time getting videos optimized and ready for youtube.
The best use of this tool is Keyword Research and its even free.
It's pretty awesome and great for all enthusiasts and newbies.

One of the best YouTube SEO tools in the market this year is TubeBuddy.

TubeBuddy is a free iOS app and browser extension that helps you get the most out of your YouTube channel. It's compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

You can leverage TubeBuddy's YouTube extension to streamline and manage your YouTube content simply and efficiently. This application makes it possible to optimize content by analyzing key metrics on tags and titles so you can make your content more searchable.

You might want to check out TubeBuddy if you want to use trending topics for your titles and tags to grow your YouTube channel.

30 Days TubeBuddy Free Trial

TubeBuddy's Key Features

The free extension of TubeBuddy has a number of great features that will help you manage your content. You can install TubeBuddy directly from their website to get started.

  1. Save Time With Video Uploads and Playlists

TubeBuddy allows users to upload multiple videos at once with built-in templates for tags and titles to save time when publishing. Videos can be uploaded fast using templates, and you can add videos to playlists at the right time to encourage your subscribers to watch multiple videos at once.

You can apply your template to multiple video uploads by clicking the ‘Add Cards’ button. Tags and descriptions can also be added one-by-one or in bulk using the Videos link on the TubeBuddy menu.

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  1. Engage With Your Audience Comment Management

TubeBuddy extends the functionality of YouTube by offering more comment categories to choose from, including:

  • Comments you haven't replied to
  • New subscribers' comments
  • Your Patreons' comments
  • Comments that require a follow-up

With it, you can organize your interactions with your subscribers comprehensively, prioritizing and engaging with the members of your audience you should. Additionally, you can use canned responses to respond to messages quickly.

  1. Use Keyword Explorer to generate SEO-friendly ideas

One of the best features of TubeBuddy is the Keyword Explorer function that lets you see what's trending on YouTube.

What if you were trying to get your 1,000 first subscribers with valuable content? You can do that via the Explorer by typing a keyword into the search bar:

Tubebuddy Keyword Explorer
TubeBuddy Review

It will also suggest a variety of popular keywords as you type them in (like ‘TubeBuddy review' or ‘TubeBuddy for youtube'). Once you've typed in your keyword, a list of statistics will appear:

Tubebuddy Keyword Suggestions
TubeBuddy Review

As you can see, it takes a Pro license to see more than three video tags or video searches. This, however, is useful for assessing how SEO-friendly your keywords are.

For example, TubeBuddy is a large search term, so we can narrow down our search rankings by renaming the title to something closer to How To Use TubeBuddy.

30 Days TubeBuddy Free Trial

Here is a break-down of how successful this title is: ‘How to use TubeBuddy for YouTube.'

Tubebuddy Keyword Explorer 2
TubeBuddy Review

It's clear that this is far more effective as a overall keyword score. This tool is particularly useful if you're just getting started on YouTube and don't know where to start.

  • Analyze The Competition With Videolytics And Channelytics

Using Keyword Explorer, you can also browse the YouTube results to see what types of videos are available. Click on the Results tab right beside the Keyword search bar.

The following videos are currently available:

Tubebuddy Keyword Explorer 3
TubeBuddy Review

When you click on the top video, you will also receive statistics regarding that specific video, which is an excellent way to track your YouTube competitors’ success.

If you click through to their video on the right-hand side, you will see their video’s ‘Videolytics’ with the metrics for this video, and you can also click through to their ‘Channelytics’ to see the stats for their channel specifically:

Tubebuddy Channelytics
TubeBuddy Review

If you want to mimic the success of a competitor, you can observe which tags they use frequently, and even copy them to use later.

Keyword Explorer gives you the best ideas for SEO-friendly video content to use on your own YouTube videos.

Final Thoughts On TubeBuddy

9.9Expert Score
Highly Recommended

My overall experience with TubeBuddy has been awesome.

Ease Of Use
Customer Service
Value For Money
Likelihood to Recommend
  • It helps save so much time getting videos optimized and ready for youtube.
  • The best use of this tool is Keyword Research and its even free.
  • It's pretty awesome and great for all enthusiasts and newbies.
  • Sometimes the extension stop working. This usually happens if you switch between different channels.

The TubeBuddy app is a great upgrade for YouTube, and you can use it to create templates for your uploads, manage your comments, and create SEO-friendly content ideas.

With a Pro subscription discount, it is worth investing in if you want to grow your channel and have less than 1,000 subscribers.

30 Days TubeBuddy Free Trial


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