100% Working CSL Plasma Coupons For New & Return Donors

CSL Plasma

Plasma donations are needed more than ever. With these 100% working CSL Plasma coupons, you can help people live happier, healthier, and longer lives while receiving attractive rewards. Our CSL plasma coupons will get you $20, $10, and $5 for your donations, at CSL plasma.

CSL Plasma $20 Coupon (Return Donors)

The csl plasma return donor coupon below is applicable for all eligible donors who have not donated in the past 30 days. You will get $10 on your first donation, and an extra $10 on your second donation within 30 days. You are not eligible for the $20 CSL coupon if you are an employee at CL Plasma.

$20 Csl Plasma Coupon$20 CSL Plasma Coupon

To redeem this $20 coupon, download and print the coupon, show it to a CSL staff when you arrive at the donation center. A CSL staff will scan the barcode to enable you redeem it at the end of the donation.

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CSL Plasma $10 Coupon (New Donors)

First-time donors at CSL Plasma can earn up to $10 when they use the CSL Plasma donation coupon below. The bonus is paid out as $5 on your first donation and the remaining $5 on your second donation within a 330-day period. However, CSL employees are not eligible for this $10 CSL coupon offer.

First-time donors may have to contact the center to confirm if their home address is within CSL recruitment area PRIOR to visiting since it varies per location.

10 cls coupon offer for new donors
10 cls coupon offer for new donors

Show this $10 voucher to a CSL staff member when you arrive at the donation center to redeem it. A member of the CSL staff will scan the barcode so you may redeem it at the conclusion of the contribution.

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